It is hard to believe we have less than 2 weeks of school left! This will be our last newsletter, because we will not have spelling the last week of school. Thanks so much to all of our students and parents for making this a great year. We look forward to seeing everyone at Honor's Day on Wednesday, May 23 at 9:00 at the Gardendale High School auditiorum. We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing summer!
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Abby F
05/11/2012 7:49am

Mrs. Dunnavant,
It seems like yesterday, I was a brand new 5th grader having all this authority being one of the "big kids"! Now I'm about to go to middle school! This year has flown by!!!

sara u
05/11/2012 8:58pm

Abby, you are so right!! this year has seemed so short, but its was one of the best years in GES!!

05/18/2012 7:47am

I am so sad! Today is my last Friday of elementary school!!!

05/18/2012 8:33pm

Me too! The school year went by soooo fast!!!!!

Abby F
05/28/2012 9:41pm

I miss you Mrs. D and Mrs. C!!! Love you both!!!! Have a great summer! I'll try to visit you both next year!

05/30/2012 2:07pm

I loved elementary school but I'm so glad that I am now in Bragg!! I hope that the kids coming into 5th grade have a great year like I had!! I had the best teachers ever!!! Have a great summer!! :D

06/01/2012 9:56am

i am very ttyl omg

06/01/2012 6:37pm

Mrs.D, Keith Daniel is very cute and has a head full of hair!! I know you will be a very good parent because you are so good to all of your students!! God bless you and KDD!!


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