In reading, we have been doing book clubs! It is so much fun, and there are many groups of different books. My book club is Where the Red Fern Grows. It is the best book ever and I encourage everyone to read it. I prefer it to fifth graders because it has a few difficult words and it might be hard to understand. Over all I could have never picked a better book!

I like book clubs because we get to get into groups and read together. And that we get to get new friends. These are just a few reasons why I like bookclubs.

HEY!!!!!   I love baseball and baseball season's just around the corner!! Especially when Alabama baseball comes up!
I just love to watch them play and hear the fans scream," ROLL TIDE"!!!!  Also I love to watch LSU play Alabama becuause its funny hear a LSU guy yell ,"GO TIGERS''!! 
This book has a creative tale behind it. It has a mystery at the end going on with Leslie. The reason why i put five stars is because its has an interesting twist.The book is full of excitement and laughter. I loved every minuite of this book. Also what i love about this book is when Jess and Leslie become friends. I really love this story because it has many funny parts in it. This is why i gave this story five stars. This story is the best book i have ever read.
This weekend i went to the Auburn BCS National championship celebration. I got to meet Cam Newton, Micheal Dyer, Onterio Macalab, and Nick Fairley. First, we went into the stadium and sat down for the ceremony. Then, the players came out and my mom was standing on the brick wall around the field when Cam Newton came out. Finally, they did the reverse tiger walk and i got a autograph from Micheal Dyer. That was the day i went to Aubun BCS CELEBRATION!                                                                       
Last Saturday was one long day. We Competed at Minor Community in the County Wide Science Olympiad. It was fun & challenging at the same time. We got to compete againist over 20 Schools. Out of all of those schools I won 3rd place in Starry,Starry,Night and Gardendale Elementary won 2nd place Overall. But it's not over yet we have a Regional Competition in February at Jacksonville High.So wish us good luck. Thanks For Reading. Paris

We've had a lot of fun this week.On Wednesday we ran the Boosterthon Fun Run.We've been talking about Leader Launch for the past 2 weeks.We learned that the L in launch stands for leaders are learners.The A stands for active.The U stands for uplifting. N stands for leaders are not bullys. C stands for courageous.The H stands for leaders are helpers.So that's what we learned about the past 2 weeks.
     This week we had so much fun. In Social Studies we learned about Christopher Columbus. In Reading we've been studying Greek Mythology. In Science we've been focusing on the Human Body.In Math we've been doing Multiplication.This is a fun week.
     Also I have a cousin named Derek #79 for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Also, my favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant #24 for the Los Angeles Lakers.
I like to cook stuff like cakes, spaghetti, and pancakes. Here is the recipe for Italian Bagels:

ingredients: 8 tablespoons butter softened
1teaspoon dried basil
i teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 cups chesse
smoked paprika (as needed)
3 bagels
Blend all ingredients/spread on each bagel half/bake at 350 degrees for 8 min.

 I have a pet white lab and her name is Shelby. She is 1 years old and her b-day is Nov. 4, which is one day before mine! She likes to roll on the floor. she likes bones too. We are making skeletons in Mrs.Crawford's class. Mrs. Dunnavant's class is studying the human body.
Why did the man cross the road? Because he didn't have any bones!

Knock knock. Who's there? Owl! Owl who? That's right owls hoo!

Will you remember me in a year? Yes. In a month? Yes. In a week?
Yes. In a day?  Yes. Knock knock . Who's there? You don't remember me!