Please be sure to reply to the previous post if you will be able to donate any science supplies. Thanks!

You can click here to see an informative video about how to get healthy! Great job students!

The last day to take the multiplication speed test is Monday, October 11. If students do not make a 100 on this day, they will receive the score they make.

We would like to remind everyone to keep selling cookie dough! This is a very important fundraiser at GES because the profits are going towards technology equipment. We have a few incentives in place for students who sell cookie dough. 

  * Students will receive a raffle ticket for each thing of cookie dough they sell.
  * If an entire homeroom class sells 30 things of cookie dough, we will get an extra recess!
  * If a homeroom class sells 60 things of cookie dough, we will have a popcorn/movie party!

Remember that you must turn in your money with the cookie dough orders.

Finally, thank you to our room moms and everyone who helped make the Fall Carnival such a success! We appreciate all you do for us!
Hanna Ray
10/7/2010 11:24:30 am

I love the workout video!It is so funny when we forgot our lines!and by the way i'm not going to be at school tomorrow mrs.dunnavant so if there are any fish leftover could you keep them till monday?

10/28/2010 04:48:01 am

I love the exersise video it is so cute but didn't Ericson and Erin and some othe people do a video too???


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