Here are some websites that give more information about Paul Revere and his famous ride. If you find any interesting facts or information, leave a comment!

Virtual map of the ride
The "true" story of Paul Revere's ride
Paul Revere's biography
Hanna Ray,Brianna,Librado,and Ethan
11/8/2010 11:41:54 pm

Some facts about Paul Revere are:He was born in Boston,He married Rachel Walker,They had eight kids,He died May 10,1818

lala and ross
11/9/2010 03:11:57 am

so cool

chaney,libby,blake and aaron
11/9/2010 03:28:21 am

britens leaders name was king goerge.he also had a wife named elisabeth.

Alysia , Tori ,Tanner
11/9/2010 04:00:09 am

He passed the Mystic River. =D


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