We have come to the end of another great week in fifth grade! We have learned a lot this week. Students, feel free to leave a comment about something you have learned or something you still have a question about! Some of you have had questions about the biome project. Don't forget that the project sheet is in your science notebook. Also, click here to see a slideshow of last year's projects. Click here to find great websites to use when researching your biome. Have a great long weekend! Happy Labor Day!
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9/6/2011 06:37:08 am

This project is so much fun I am learning so much!!!!!!!!!

9/7/2011 06:23:10 am

Mrs. Dunnavant,
I was on here looking at some of last years posts and was wondering when are we going to get to do the blogs??????? =)

Mrs. Dunnavant
9/7/2011 08:12:11 am


We'll get more into it as the year goes on. I'm glad you asked! :)

9/8/2011 07:09:35 am

Thanks Mrs. Dunnavant!!!!!!!!


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