We have had a great week at school! It was nice to see so many of you at Open House on Tuesday. Don't forget that the GES Fall Carnival is tonight!

Here is next week's newsletter. Have a great weekend!
10/7/2011 06:12:05 am

It was really fun/embarassing to present our "tricks" for science to the class!!!!!!!

10/7/2011 06:19:14 am

happy fall to you! and your families! you two mean so much to me! i hope you alaways know i appretiate yall!
luv ya! happy fall!

10/7/2011 06:40:26 am

Mrs. D and Mrs, C i love you two so very much! You have helped me through everything! I love science and math! And all the other subjects too! thank you for all you do! luv ya!

Mrs. D
10/7/2011 08:28:58 am

Abby, It was funny to see what you guys came up with! I was impressed by everyone's creativity!

Sara, Thanks! We appreciate you too, and we're glad you're on our team! :)

Amy H.
10/9/2011 12:45:25 am

The carnival and the tricks were fun and funny! It already feels like fall, on some days maybe even winter!! Well see ya tomorrow!!

10/9/2011 08:27:14 am

Mrs. Dunnavant do we have have school
on Culumbus Day.

Mrs. D
10/9/2011 09:56:03 am

Yes, we do have school on Columbus Day. See you tomorrow!

Maria C
10/10/2011 10:55:54 am

It was fun seeing all of the "tricks" we came up with.I can tell it's going to be a great year.


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