We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Only two more weeks until the winter break! Don't forget that our Christmas Party will be on December 16 at 1:00. Also, we will be meeting at the Trussville Cinema to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader next Friday, December 10. This is optional, and a letter will be sent home on Monday with more information. Here's next week's newsletter:

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Mr. Yeager
12/6/2010 04:21:25 am

I love this class website. It is very informative. I enjoy reading the postings made by the students also.

Mrs. Dunnavant
12/12/2010 01:13:56 am

Thank you Mr. Yeager! Mrs. Crawford, our students, and I have really enjoyed having a website this year. Thanks for stopping by. We love getting comments!


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