The first 3 days of school have been great! We have been working with the students to help them learn the schedule and get the hang of fifth grade procedures. Here is next week's newsletter:
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A few reminders:
- The newsletter should be at the front of each student's binder in a clear sleeve. 
- All graded papers and notes from the office should be in the take home folder that is in the binder behind the newsletter.
- Please sign and return the blogging permission form if you haven't already.
- Please check the agenda book for daily assignments.
- Please send us your email address if you haven't already.

Have a great weekend!
Sonya Glasscock
8/16/2010 03:53:12

This website is absolutely fantastic. It is so informative and keeps you up to date on all that is going on. Blake, his dad and I are so excited about this year already and we can't wait and look forward to what is in store. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Dunnavant. Hope you have a great week.


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