We have had a great week back at school! Leave a comment telling us if you've made any New Year's resolutions or if you did anything exciting over the break.

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Click here to add a caption to a funny picture. If your caption wins, you could end up in next month's Sports Illustrated for Kids! Of course, remember to ask your parents before doing anything like this.

Here's next week's newsletter. Have a wonderful weekend!
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Amy H.
01/06/2012 5:59pm

One of my new years resolutions is to make straight A's every year throughout college! And a question I have is- Do we have to color our Preposition House, or do we just need to draw it very detailed? See you next week! (:

Abby F.
01/07/2012 2:19pm

Amy, your resolution is the same as mine! Cool!

Mrs. Dunnavant
01/07/2012 9:46am

Hi Amy! Thanks for sharing your New Year's resolution! No, you do not have to color your preposition house. Have a great weekend!

Amy H.
01/07/2012 5:03pm

That's weird Abby! And have a good weekend! (:

01/12/2012 3:38pm

im so excited about the new year!!! and about the new year task sheet!!!! i hope we have a great year!! im so excited about chemistry too!! have a great friday and long weekend!! :O)


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